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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Funny year 2011

This is one of my Hawthorns which I collected about twenty years ago, it had a very funny year in 2011, the buds started to swell as normal in spring then we had a really cold spell and everything stopped completely. When spring finally came still nothing moved and I was getting very worried so I made a temporary humidity tent and put the tree inside, the buds started to swell again at the beginning of  July [relief] .The picture shows the tree on the second of August in flower [ not bad for the Mayflower].
I hope this year it gets back into its normal routine and back into health.  


  1. Hi Ray,

    Similar issues over here last year with hawthorn and Trident Maples.Loving the blog, keep those daily posts coming and you'll see the hits rising quickly. I'll give you a mention on my blog tomorrow. Look forward to catching up at the BSA Exhibition.

  2. Yep, and here also. I had one trident and two Hornbeams doing the same.
    Keep the blog going! Its a good read!