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Friday, 10 February 2012

Literati Juniper

I found this picture which was taken just before the tree went to the Nolanders Trophy in 2009.
Not such a good photo but it shows how much the foliage has grown in the last three years.

I collected this juniper six years ago from a neighbours garden in which it had been growing for about thirty years.I potted it in a big tub to let it recover and get back to full health which it did very quickly to my surprise.
The following spring it was doing so well I gave it an initial styling just a skeleton image really, over the next few month's it continued to flourish and grow very well.One night Mike R came round to see me and we were discussing how to clean up the bark on a Juniper so I said I will show you,I brought the tree into the workshop and proceeded with a tooth brush to clean away flaky bark and realised a lot of it was dead.So I started with a scalpel to try to find a live vein which I did,then I went round the other way to find the other side. I was getting very worried because there was only about one inch of live vein left.
Over the next three or four days I continued to follow the edge up and around until I had removed all the dead bark,I was amazed at the way the live vein twisted its way up the trunk [Thank you nature].The next few months I saw the tree getting better and better so I did some refining work on the Jins and Shari.
In October Mark Nolanders was doing a workshop at willowbog bonsai and also a pre-selection for the trophy in January I took two Hawthorns and this Juniper to see if they were good enough to be entered to the show.To my surprise and delight he chose the Juniper,to say I was pleased is an understatement .
The tree has improved much over the last three years and continues to give me a lot of satisfaction.


  1. Lovely tree ray. I know just how you felt during your live vein experience. I have just been through it with a juniper and am having an anxious wait until the growing season starts this year to see if it will survive.
    Nice blog.

  2. good result in a short time !! I remember that the tree was certainly not out of place on the benches at the Trophy

  3. Well done Ray! Looking good all round. Congratulations on the blog.

    Best wishes

    Mike Jones