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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Monday natter Feb 20th

Last night only four visitors but it was a bleak old night,rain and windy.Ken M brought two pines and a maple to work on,mainly de-wire as it had been on for a long time.
A nice tree  in really good condition and growing well,another couple of years work on the ramification and it will look even better.

 Front or back which is which? Picture above was Kens choice because it looked good that way on his display bench, but there is a Shari on the other side that is hidden from view and could make a nice feature with a bit of carving and refinement
After wiring just one lower branch and moving it down a little I think he should use the back as the front to incorporate the Shari! what do you think?

Ken M deep in thought, [ what can I cut off now? ] just the wire Ken!

Mike R deep in thought making the tea!

This is a small Lonicera Mike was working on last week,this is before he started.

This is after, looks better as you can see more trunk. Needs more foliage and a better pot but that will come later when the tree has matured.

Kens Shohin Maple, needs a better pot and a little work on the nebari.

Paul M has been on holiday snow boarding in the Alps and brought his laptop to show us his photos,just fantastic Paul thanks.

All in all we had a busy and enjoyable night!.


  1. making the tea is what Mike R. does best :-) !!!

  2. His coffee is not bad either.