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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dawn Redwood

This is a tree I have been working on for a few years now, when I first got this tree it was about four feet high and in a pot about eighteen inches high.My first problem was the roots,to get them down so I could get it into a Bonsai pot I started with a hard point saw and removed half of them the first spring.The following spring I did the same thing again,amazing as it was the tree thrived and grew really well,so I started to give it an initial styling  by removing a lot of the upper branches including the central trunk, which was to tall and straight.As you can see from this first pic it is no longer the shape of a Dawn Redwood, because I do not always conform to normality [ as a lot of people will tell you ]
This is how it looked last year in late Winter just after re potting  

This is it in summer  2010

As you can see despite the hard life this tree has had it is starting to look really good,I just love the colour of the foliage on this tree, though it is more the shape of an Oak than a Redwood.

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