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Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday Natter March 26th

I do not believe this weather, three summers this year so far,Sat,Sun and today. Joking aside the trees are liking it as much as me,they are shooting away fast at the moment,hope it continues ! I had 6 visitors today and had a busy night, potting, wiring, de-wiring and clipping. 

Here we see Ken M busy de-wiring a nice Hawthorn.

Tony W brought this Cotoneaster which he collected some time ago, it caused a lot of discussion over which branches had to go and which ones to move.So three or four of my visitors attacked it, led by Mike R who will not admit to having a good eye for design but he has.

Guilty look from Tony W as he heads to the studio to pinch more of my wire to use as guys to move some of the trunks. It got to dark to take another picture so I will publish one tomorrow.

Mike telling John & Simon yes that is what we are going to do,never mind what Tony thinks, its only his tree and that does not count!

Caught you again Sue drinking coffee as usual.

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