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Saturday, 17 March 2012

More on Hawthorn 7th Feb

Just been in the greenhouse looking at some of my collected Hawthorn, they all seem to be doing well, especially the one I collected about October last year.

As you can see the tree has a lot of really strong buds which I think is a very good sign for the future. Considering this tree was only collected last year and also carved to neutralise the top I am very optimistic about its future as a Bonsai,but then again only time and care will tell!  

This is a Hawthorn I collected about 20 years ago.

This tree is really well established and I never have to worry about it coming back as you can see the buds are bursting. A lot of the buds look like flowers again this year which is one of the rewards I get from this tree.

This was it last year in full leaf and shows how small the leaves are, I will post more pictures when it is in flower.

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