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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Natter night 19th March

I had a busy night last night with Ken, Sue and Mike coming along to my place,Mike spent a long time clipping back some of the Hawthorns we collected last week, this serves a double purpose of being able to see where the tree is going and also gives the roots a better chance to recover, by not having to much foliage to support.

Ken brought a couple of trees to re-pot,one was an Oak which had been in a tub with no drainage holes in for about 2 years, it was in ordinary soil from the garden and very soggy, it will feel and grow a lot better in a mica training pot with good compost and drainage.His next tree yet another Hawthorn which was in a washing up bowl now has a proper pot and looks quite nice.

Just needs time to recover then a bit of wiring and shaping to turn into a decent tree.

Sue brought this Chuhin sized Hemlock for a clip and wire,still needs the right hand side done but is starting look more open so you can see through the tree to give more depth.

I have a habit of buying small pots when I am at shows just because I like the look of them and think they are different.I am getting quite a collection now here are just few of them.

Maybe one day I will use them for accent plants,but until then I will just look and enjoy.

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