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Monday, 5 March 2012

Natter night 5th March

I decided to clean up my makeshift tokanoma today so I could use it to take some photos tonight, I do not know where I put the stuff that was in there but it has gone somewhere.This first photo is my literati juniper I have done a little wiring and nipping out and think it looks a lot better.

Ken M brought a few trees tonight, the one you see here is a Maple he has had for a number of years.
He and Mike R were discussing the removal of some thick branches to allow new thinner ones to replace them,something you have to do from time to time to keep the balance right.

This one is a Taxus  Ken originally worked on with Mark Nolanders quite a few years ago,Mark drew Ken a picture of what he thought the tree would look like eventually and I think he is getting there.Still needs more growth and clipping. 

Ken seems to be pleased with the result of re-potting at a slightly different angle and removal of a large root on the front which has bothered him for a long time.

Simon M brought a Chuhin sized Juniper Chinensis for a little clip out,I missed taking a better photo but hope I will be able get a better one in the near future.

Sue S brought some Shohin trees and stands to try out a set up for the BSA show at Willowbog this coming weekend  10th & 11th March, but she has banned me from publishing them until after the show,
Watch this space early next week.

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