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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Perfect day

It all started when I wakened  around 5 30, [ I wish I could sleep in just for once].I got up and ready had my usual coffee,fed the cat then went outside into the garden, it was still only 6 30 so I put my stuff into the car and set off for the novice workshop at Willowbog. It was a little bit misty but warm for March anyway,a little way along the road the sun was trying to break through the mist.

I just had to stop for a quick snap then meandered on my way,the road was very quiet for once nobody was about just the way I like it.

Turning on to the military road and on into deepest Northumbria, I had to do what nearly every one does and snap the most photographed tree in the country.

For those people that do not know this is the one on Hadrians wall.Misty and mysterious.

I turned on to the road up to Willowbog for the last 5 mile which is just single track, the mist was getting thicker. As you drive up this road you pass by some very ancient Hawthorn.

The sun still trying to push through the mist.

I pushed on into Kielder forest but had to stop just once more,for more snaps.

Something eerie about this place.  

The early morning mist on cobwebs on the heather.

Then out of the mist there it is Willowbog.

The gate was locked but this did not matter to me I just stood and took in the peace and tranquillity that is Willowbog at this time of day.

I know why Peter and Jean love this place so much! 

Peace perfect peace!

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  1. Great photos Ray, So lucky to be a drive away from there.