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Sunday, 22 April 2012

First clip out, Hawthorn.

Looking round the benches this morning I decided my Hawthorn was starting to look a little unkempt so it has had it's first clip of the season.

This is before clipping,

This is how I do it, first the top of the pad with a nice sharp pair of shears {the sharper the better} 

Then the underside ,just to remove any hanging leaves.

This system I have found over the year's has a double effect, it increases the ramification and help's to reduce leaf size.

I can hear everyone shouting ! { I bet he is cutting leaves while clipping this way} but unless you are putting the tree in a show does it matter, as long as you get the right result!

It work's for me!

Not a lot of foliage removed but what a difference to the tree.

I usually leave the flower's on until they have finished then clip them before they form into berries, just so I can enjoy them.

Also I tend not to wire until the leaves have fallen at the back end of the year because I can then see what I am doing, I also go all over the tree and remove the tip's of the thorn's as they are lethal. 

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