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Monday, 2 April 2012

Monday Natter 2nd April

Only 6 visitors tonight but Ken M kept himself and me quite busy with a Chuhin Scots pine he brought.This tree featured on the natter a few weeks ago and Ken thought it was about time for a restyle so he set about wiring.

We also decided to use the back as the front because of the Shari on it,over the next few days I will do a little bit of carving some fine detail into it to make it look a little older.

When Ken had finished wiring I tweaked the tree into a basic shape and did a bit of clipping.

Still a way to go but taking shape now it has been roundida off.

This little Hawthorn has also had some treatment tonight, it was quite straight but not now as you can see!

This is me getting bored while Ken was wiring, I had to have something to do. 

Young Simon R looking thoughtful, I was going to say intelligent but that might be stretching it a bit far. 

Yet again we had another good night,coffee, tea, cakes and a good laugh.

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