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Thursday, 12 April 2012

My visit to Ken's update

I was wrong it all started with a cup of coffee, that was just to put me at ease, Ken wanted an acer repotted, no problem I said then he took me outside.This acer had been in this pot for about 7 years and was suffering badly  from being pot bound.

This is us just starting, to heavy to lift out in one.

Got down to this level raking out and cutting roots as we went.Then I was able to lift it out.

A little more root pruning .

We won!

First job complete.

Next job was to de-wire this large Juniper. 

More of Ken's trees.

A nice Seigen maple.

Crab apple.

Scots Pine


Field Maple.       Cotoneaster.        Taxus.

The display bench.

This is the view from Ken's living room window looking at the lake district hills, it's a wonder he gets anything done.

The only other job to do was clean the gutter's out,then another cup of coffee and off home.

I had a very enjoyable afternoon and look forward to going back soon. 

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