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Monday, 9 April 2012

Natter night 9th April

A very busy night tonight with 8 visitors,3 of which were from the Ayr Bonsai Group who travelled down just for the night.

The leader of the party from Ayr,Peter T.

Ernie {on the left} and Martin
Martin brought this nice acer for us to see and ended up giving it a bit of a haircut.

The Acer under discussion with the locals

Peter brought this Kifu size Privet for some neutralisation of the cut ends.

Between Peter and myself we have got most of the block carving done,it still needs some refinement work but that can be done when the tree has had a rest for a while. 

Sue S get's a bit of advice from Mike and Ernie about a Shohin quince she brought and I think she knows where she is going with it now.

I think the lad's from Ayr enjoyed their first visit to my natter night and are always welcome to return.I enjoyed the chat and the laughs that we had. 

Another good night comes to an end all to soon!

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