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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Willowbog Novice Workshop

Planned or not Peter was away at Alnwick castle today so left the workshop to myself and Terry to run. there was 7 students to attend to ,so we coped quite well and I think they all went away happy with what was achieved.

First of all Peter had not set up the usual display in the Tokanoma so this was my first task.
I chose this nice Acer from the greenhouse and used a small Hornbeam as an accent,quite effective. 

Here we see Terry helping Peter G.

Here we have Wendy and katie with Mark watching very intently as they work on a little Chinese Elm assisted by me , who was behind the camera.

This is a Hawthorn belonging to Keith from the north east {sorry Keith I did not get you in the pic}
I persuaded him to change the angle it is planted at then tried to tell him where to place the branches,then as time was getting on I said give me some wire and I will show you! 

The large branch on the right will be shortened and Jinned at a later date, with a bit of clipping and loving care it should become a nice image.

Anthony in the foreground working on a Juniper,John B doing a repot of a Hemlock and look in the back I did get a pic of  Keith!

I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did.

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  1. many thanks to you and Terry, for looking after the workshop yesterday , it looks like everyone had a good time !