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Friday, 25 May 2012

Another visit to Kens

Yesterday I went to see Ken M as he had a couple of things he wanted some help with.

When I arrived Ken was busy planting rocks in white gravel in a pot,[ I told him they wont grow] but he just wanted a little bit of outside inside.

I started with clipping on this Hawthorn while Ken got the sausage going on the BBQ.

Pork and apple sausages in a roll with a beer to wash them down,he better watch out with treats like this I could turn up more often.

Ken also has a couple of tall Junipers in pots that started out as patio trees, slowly but surely they are turning into Bonsai.

This is it after a clip out and some wiring,some way to go but another couple of seasons and who knows!

Glorious weather and good company, a great day out.

thanks Ken.

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