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Sunday, 13 May 2012

How I got the name Ronin Bonsai

People keep asking me how I got the name Ronin Bonsai.

Well here goes with an explanation.

Once upon a time long long ago I used to help put a stand up at our local flower show,but in 2005 we had a very bad storm and a lot of the town was flooded including the area where the show was held,so it was cancelled that year.The following year I did not hear from the two lads that I used to do the stand with so I assumed we were not putting a stand in,WRONG!!. I went down to the show area on the Saturday afternoon to give Peter from Willowbog a hand to unload and put up his stand and the lady who organised the show for the council came through the marque, saw me and asked where our stand was as someone had booked the space.Being the gent I am[ha ha] I said I would fill the space, but it would not be up to the standard we normally achieved. So in just four hours I had built and stocked a stand of sorts,no time to prepare trees or nothing but it did not look to bad.

We used the name Northern Dragon Bonsai but I thought I should change it as I was on my own, my son came up with the name Ronin.
I asked why and he said a Ronin was a masterless Samurai and as I was left on my own I thought this was quite appropriate.

At some time on the Sunday the lady organiser came round and thanked me for filling the space for her and being the mug I am I booked the space for the following year saying I would build a stand she would be proud of.This turned out a surprise for me as well as I was awarded the best in show.2007.

Since then the name has stuck.


  1. '' Ronin was a masterless Samurai '' clueless more like !! sorry that was uncalled for :-)

  2. I have wondered Ray. Thank you.