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Monday, 21 May 2012

Natter night 21st May

A quiet night tonight with only the usual three, Sue, Mike and Ken,who brought his very nice Taxus for a bit of a prune.

This tree you would not believe a couple of years ago Ken nearly got rid of it as it was suffering badly from exposure to the elements,namely cold winds up where Ken lives.So I brought it down to my place and within about six weeks it recovered so much he took it home again.Then lo and behold it started to decline again, so we erected a windbreak for the summer months and in winter it is kept in the greenhouse. This system is working very well as you can see from the photo above.

OOPS!! did I say a bit of a prune?

Well Ken was pleased with the outcome,with a little more wire and clipping this tree will look even better.

I got into one of my moods this afternoon and decided to do a neutralising job on one of my Hawthorn just to get rid of the big stumps.

I do get carried away sometimes.

One thing it is much lighter now.

I thought my head was leaking but it turned out to be sawdust!! Honest!

Again a quiet but enjoyable night.

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