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Monday, 28 May 2012

Natter night 28th May

Another lovely sunny day which enabled us to work outside in the garden for a change,Ken who was one of four visitors,brought this Fir tree "not sure of species" to have a little more wiring and styling.

Above is just as I started to style as I forgot the photo.

This is it after. This is a very slow growing tree so it has to left a long time to enable it to put enough growth on for styling.

I have been tidying up some of my trees and pots today also,below are a few photos.

Hawthorn forest, filling up nicely.

Acer Palmatum, looking good and thriving.

False Cypress.Boulevard.

Squamata Juniper.

Boulevard Sulphur Spray
All of my trees are really enjoying this spell of Summer we are having at the moment and growing very nicely, lets hope we have a lot more.!!

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