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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Novice workshop May 19th

Only three students today for Terry and myself to look after as Peter was otherwise engaged.I think he thinks he knows everything about Bonsai now so he does not have to come to workshops any more!!!

First off we have David from Penrith who brought along a number of trees to work on and get some advice.
Below we see some of his trees, very nice and growing very well and healthy.

Next we have Barry here being assisted by Terry working on a nice White Pine.

Next we have Peter G { oops no photo of Peter but we all know what he looks like ]

This was Peters main tree of the day a Chuhin sized Yew, before we started wiring.

This is it after, not a good photo but the structure is there now for future development.

Jean does not just make soup and sandwiches she also works very hard around the nursery to keep things in order. 

Another blast from the past is Mike B who is rekindling his interest in Bonsai, nice to see you again Mike.

Once again another good day enjoyed by all.


  1. Good to see Boxy there, even though he's only lurking around in the greenhouse ;-)

  2. that comment about me is a bit unfair Ray, it shows how desperate things have got when I have to go to Haltwhistle to get away from you lot :-) !!