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Friday, 4 May 2012

An unplanned trip.

Yesterday morning I was feeling a bit pi**** off, so I phoned Peter up at Willowbog to see if I could pay him a visit and he said OK, even though they are closed on a Thursday.On arrival I had a good chat with Peter about things in general then asked him to put me to work,he set me the task of clipping back quite a number of Chinese Elms in the sales area. So I grabbed a pair of pruning scissors and set about them,after a while Jean came through and said lunch was ready,so off we tripped to the kitchen ,cheese on toast with red onion on top,[no wonder I put weight on],then to top this off home made banana cake,again very scrummy.Thanks Jean!As I was clipping away I came across one little Elm I thought was very nice, so it is now in my collection.

It has had a repot into a Walsall pot and a bit more clip out, and as it is less than six inches high from the top of the pot it is a Shohin of the future.

All to soon my day at the nursery came to an end but it had the effect I needed, relaxed I set off  home.
Just think I will be back there tomorrow for Bonsai chat.  
My thanks again to Peter & Jean for the therapy.


  1. glad that you enjoyed your day Ray , and thanks for the work that you did for us , you earned your lunch ! :-)

  2. Wot a life, doing what you like with people you like. Can't be bad.