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Thursday, 28 June 2012


This damp humid weather we are having at the moment is doing my succulent accent plants the world of good, they are expanding all over the place,pretty soon I will have to start thinning them out.

Recently I have been busy taking the wire off most of my trees to let them have a rest over the next few months.I think it does them good to have a bit of stress relief ,something we could all do with.

My Acer Palmatum is doing well this year,must be the damp,humid conditions.

My collected Golden Yew is showing good strong buds now, a good sign that it has survived from being lifted and producing new roots.Fingers crossed!

My Trident Maple, although growing well and extending it still has this problem on the foliage.

I have given it a good dose of systemic insecticide and sprayed it with fungicide it still has this problem.
Anyone got any ideas what else I can do?

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