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Sunday, 17 June 2012

False Cypress-Boulevard.

I found the old photos of my False Cypress which tell the story of its journey into life as a Bonsai.

This is the tree about one year after collection.

After about five or six years and a lot of styling it was coming along nicely, plenty of growth and very healthy.
It was about 32inches high and 32inches wide for quite a long time until one day I decided it was to big.
Some drastic action was needed, so here goes nothing.
 I started by removing the foliage. 

 Then the bark to create Jins,then stood back and looked at it,I then decided it looked out of place so cut it off.
I then roughly styled what was left, which was not very much, and left it to recover for a couple of years.

Fully recovered from its ordeal I started to style.
 The angle on the trunk had to be changed drastically,I knew this was not going to be an easy task and would take time.
Over time the trunk got lower and lower until eventually I won and it is now down to where I want it.
 Now I concentrated on the canopy to improve and refine it,I removed the bottom layer of branches as they were to long, then wait a bit longer for it to grow again.

 I know it seems silly to cut growth off then have to wait for it to grow again but it works.

 As you can see from this latest photo it has come on a long way since I chopped it.
Now I can work on the refinement of the foliage and improve it some more.

Not a bad tree which cost nothing but twenty odd years of enjoyable work.


  1. Ray have you ever had success in getting this tree to backbud. I have a boulevard which I thinned out quite a bit last autumn and then repotted this spring but it's a bit of a wait.

  2. Hi Mike, I find it very hard to make them back bud, but if you open them up and let plenty of light in they will bud from the junctions of the branches.Also keep well pinched out and do not let the main growth get too long.