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Monday, 11 June 2012

A stroll up the river.

All the family were out today so I grabbed the camera and went for a stroll up one of our local rivers,so close to home we just take it for granted, but we shouldn't.

Local weeds.

But when seen like this beautiful.

Even I could not save this one!!

I found a little bench and just sat looking at this view, must have been here twenty minutes before I could tear myself away.

Wild Foxglove,but fantastic when you look close.

Anyone for a fungus?

With scenes like this who needs to travel a long way from home!

Found this tree living on the edge, the very edge.

A Wagtail posing for me.

Sand Martin nest holes, the birds were to fast for me.

Then all to soon back to civilisation, I know where I would rather be!!

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