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Monday, 16 July 2012

Natter night 16thJuly.

We were very lucky to-night as the forecast said it was going to rain again, but it didn't so we were able to work in the garden.There was Mike R, Ken M and John R,{ old John really but I cannot call him that as he complains, }It must have been a night for Cotoneaster's as Ken brought one,a nice cascade, for a little restyling and clip out.

Mike helping out while I took the photos.

Then I got involved and Mike took the photo.

Below is the refined image, still a bit to go but the way these Cotoneaster grow it will not take long.

Next It was my turn, another Cotoneaster which I collected from my garden earlier this year.

As you can see it did not have much going for it,but it is growing very strong.Mike R had been looking at the tree and suggested using the two bottom branches and making the top into a Jin.I could only agree with him as there was not really any other option. Out came the Jin pliers and the blow torch then some wire and then the shears.

Looks a lot as if this has been the right choice for this tree as it now has some potential as a Shohin once it fills out and gets a nice pot. 
The rain managed to stay away until everyone had left,so we had a very good night.

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