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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Trident Maple

What else can you do on a quiet Sunday morning but work on your trees, I have been doing a little clipping and wiring on my Trident Maple and think I am getting somewhere with the canopy now.

It still needs a little more on the apex but the way it is growing it will not take long.I always thought this tree needed a larger canopy than it had when I acquired it and now think it is looking more balanced and in keeping with the size of the trunk.

My second tree today is another Maple,this time an Acer Palmatum which I have owned for some years now.This tree is baffling me somewhat as for the last few years it comes into leaf in Spring,looks good all year, has very good colour in Autumn,but it never grows any extensions. 

Maybe next year I will try it in a slightly larger pot to see if it makes a difference to it.  

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