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Thursday, 12 July 2012

A visit to Anthony's garden.

Anthony from down on the Solway coast phoned me the other day and asked me to visit sometime to do a bit of clipping out for him, so as I do not work on Thursdays tonight was a good time.I started on this nice Cotoneaster.

Then I just went round the garden with my shears clipping all sorts of things, like Maples, Beech, Juniper and Hawthorn.

This is the back of his Beech forest I repotted a few months ago,I asked him to turn it round {its to heavy for me}

But not for him,{old age catching up}

Looks quite good and healthy.

Another Cotoneaster in a landscape.

I think this tree would look better in a nice pot without the rocks.

A very nice Acer Palmatum.

Just to prove I was beside the coast a couple of snaps of the seaside.

Then I said goodbye  to the seagulls and headed off home,someone must have heard my pleas for some sunshine as it was a beautiful night,but that sea air is very strong and I am knackered and off to bed!!

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