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Saturday, 4 August 2012

August Willowbog Chat

Peter thought it was going to be quiet today, how wrong he was as it was a very well attended chat with a lot of new as well as old faces.Also a very unusual occurrence, I actually managed a photo of the proprietor, who usually manages to evade every camera in the place.GOTCHA 

Now some pics of the day.

Keith working on his Hawthorn that we styled at a previous workshop.

I got involved and this is how it turned out,filling in very nice after such a short time.

An overview of the workshop, everyone busy.

The best view of Terry.

Peter G deep in thought.

Another excellent day,If you have not been to a chat day at Willowbog you are missing a good day out,give it a try sometime, you will not be sorry. 

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  1. whoops !!! in Mrs. S's bad-books for that snap Ray :-)