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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Between showers.

I nipped out into the garden today in between the showers and took this photo of my Trident Maple and Squamata Juniper,it shows how much they have improved this year so far despite the weather.

This is the Trident earlier this year, you can see how small the canopy seems to be.

The Trident canopy has filled out and got much larger than it used to be,I am pleased about this as before I always thought it looked a bit on the small side compared to the trunk,but now looks more balanced.

Even the Juniper has filled out very nicely.
You do not realise how much your trees are growing until you look back at old photos.Thats one thing I love about computers all my pictures are in one place so it makes them easy to find.

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  1. both trees looking very good Ray !!