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Monday, 20 August 2012

Natter night 20th August

Quite a busy night with six visitors, four regulars and two from Barrow in Furness, Matt and his dad Alan who brought a grafted White Pine for some advice on how to best disguise the straight part of the trunk.Some people had told him to cut the tree down to the lower branches, some said notch it and bend, but here in Carlisle the consensus was to reshape the branches and create a Shari to give the impression of movement and hide the straightness with foliage.

I also think by changing the planting angle more to the right could help,this would also help with the inverted trunk.

Ken M brought his Juniper forest for a clip out, by this time there was only the two of us left so with him at one side and me at the other we set about it.

Before we started.

After clipping much more open.
I have also been playing about creating another accent planting.

A piece of Black Grass in a Stone Monkey pot,the hole thing is about four inches high and looks very effective.
Another good night comes to an end all to soon.

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