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Monday, 13 August 2012

Natter night August 13th

It was  a little bit better turn out tonight with Five people turning up with two trees to be worked on.
The first one an old Cotoneaster which featured in an earlier post.

This tree has had a very good year so far as you can see from the photo. It has been totally de-wired and grown quite a lot, now we can see what is growing we selected one of the trunks to be used as a Jin and also some branches. I gave it a clip out and set Tony W the owner, the task of wiring it up for it's next styling next Monday night. so if he gets it done I will post more photos then.

The next tree is an Oak brought by Ken M, this tree has a long way to go before it will be in show condition but as they say,from little acorns you get great Oaks.

A general view of the garden while the sun is still shining.

My Boulevard has been getting some more work done as well today,although it does not show,I have been cleaning out all the dead growth from the inside of the canopy. A slow but very essential part of growing Conifers such as this.

I have also cleaned away all the weeds ready for mossing up.I am hoping to take it down to the Bonsai traders show at Sheffield next month,so if you want to see it up close come along and look me up,then you can tell me what you think.I love to get other peoples opinions on my trees.

Finally tonight after a very good night a view of the sunset from the garden.
The forecaster's got it wrong again,as they said we would have rain for most of the evening. 

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