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Friday, 28 September 2012

A tale of two Cotoneaster's.

This first one I bought {yes bought }in Sheffield last week and already you can see a new pot,I did not like the old one. It was not repotted just transferred as the new pot is the same size.All I have done is clip it a little as the photos show.

As it was bought.

This is just the start with this tree but it has the potential to be quite nice in the future.

This second one started life as a self seeded plant found in one of my pot's about four or five year's ago.
I planted it in the garden and left it to grow, then I lifted it and potted it into a pot which I knew was to big ,but this gave it room to thrive.

Just after potting .

The first clip and wire.

This is today,photo is a little dark but show's the profile better.
I think this tree could be very good in a couple of years time.


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