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Monday, 10 September 2012

Natter night 10th Sept.

No trees tonight ,but there were five people turned up so we had a good natter and plenty coffee.I did get another pot while I was at Greenwood Bonsai last weekend and have been trying to see if my Hawthorn will look better in it.

This is it now and I think the pot is a little on the small side.

Here I have stood the new pot in front just to get an idea of how it will look. From this angle the pot looks massive but is only about 25mm wider and 7mm deeper than the old one and so should be all right.At least it will give the tree a bit more room to grow for a couple of years while I work on more ramification of the foliage.
Two of my visitors tonight were Mike { boxie }and Tommy from up the road a bit, nice to see them again and have a natter about old times.Drop in again any Monday night, you will always be welcome.Next time bring a tree, we can always do with something new to discuss or pull to bits.
Well that's it for tonight folk's 
Short but sweet { as they say }

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