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Monday, 17 September 2012

Natter night 17th Sept.

A good turnout tonight despite the rain with six visitor's and what's more important three tree's.The first one brought by Anthony, his very nice Cotoneaster,just wanted another clip out as you can see in this photo.

This is it's fourth clip this season.
Next a Hawthorn also Anthony's

This tree has also just been left to do it's own thing and grow very strong this year.

After some wire was added and branches brought down we can now see where the tree is heading.
It needs a bit more growth on the right hand side to create some balance.

Next tree is a Privet brought by Tommy G and his granddaughter Sasha.

Three different view's before I started looking for a front to the tree.The first thing  to do was the dead wood and when I got going I found a lot of the bark was dead as well,so I spent about an hour with a scalpel trying to find the live vein's.

These photos show the extent of the die back on the trunk.

This photo show's how much foliage was clipped off  as well as Tommy and camera shy Sasha.
Now all it need's is wired up and given it's first styling.Already I can see a bonsai emerging from what was a bush.
Another great night but we were missing Ken M who is not very well at the moment 
Get well soon Ken 
from the natter night gang!

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