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Monday, 8 October 2012

Boulevard update.

I knew I could not have a day off on Sunday, I just had to get the wire out and start on the Boulevard I had at Boxies on Friday.

This is how it looked before.

After I had wired and trimmed a little more, { did I say a little } well maybe a lot,but it will grow again.

I do not want to speak to soon but this is the third day in a row we have had sunshine,although a lot cooler than it has been it's still very nice.
My Acer Palmatum is looking good in the Autumn sunshine,I love the colour at this time of year.

Also the Dawn Redwood is showing signs of winter approaching.

Not the best of photos but it shows the buds for next year starting to set,they always come this time of year and just sit there until spring when they bust into life.

Well it's off to the studio to get things ready for natter night tonight.

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