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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Busy weekend.

I have been looking forward to this weekend all week as it is bonsai all the way, on Friday I am going to see Mike Box for the day at his home as he is getting a visit from Robert Porch from Scotland. It is a long time since I have worked with Robert and eagerly await Friday morning, I am expecting it to be Bonsai all day and have a good laugh. I am taking a couple of tree's to get some advice on from Robert who is a very good stylist and very knowledgeable in the art of Bonsai.
I will post a report on Friday night as long as it's not to late when I get home.
Then on Saturday it is Bonsai chat day at Willowbog as it is the first Saturday of the month,so two day's in a row.
Sunday may be a day off, but who knows?
Then on Monday it is my Natter night,so I should have plenty to post about over the next few day's.

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  1. Say hello to the chaps for me Ray, wish I was there too :-)