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Friday, 5 October 2012

My day at Boxie's

I have just returned from my day out at Boxie's,and what a great day it was with Robert Porch and Mike.A laugh a minute but also some very good advice on Bonsai.
Here are some photos of the day.

Mike removing old needles off a Pine.

A very nice Azalea Shohin.

Robert working on a piece of raw material Larch.
Stevie Wonder does Bonsai.{ Or is it Robert in disguise }

Seeing as this tree is Tommy's he is looking very nervous.

The finished image, there was no need to worry Tommy.

One of the tree's I took with me was a Boulevard I have had for a long time.
Here is a glimpse of some of the work being done,I will post another photo when I get it wired and shaped the way Robert suggested.

My thank's to Mike for the hospitality and coffee,and a special thanks to Robert for his advice.

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