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Monday, 15 October 2012

Natter night 15th Oct.

A busy night with nine people turning up, two of which were from over the border in bonnie Scotland who just happened to be in this area today.Peter Thorn and Geoff from Ayrshire Bonsai group.Peter brought this nice Cotoneaster for some advice about carving on the trunk, which I think I helped with.

It was the section that rises from the centre to the top that was the problem,too flat!
I think I managed to make it look a whole lot better than it was.

It still needs to be refined but is well on the way now.

By the time some of the branches are wired and brought down into place this will be a very good tree.

Next was this Juniper triple trunk which Ken M brought for a clip out.

Starting to look like a bush again after a good growing season, nice to see something enjoyed our Summer
I use this word very loosely

It still needs a little wire near the top left hand side, but is looking better.

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