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Monday, 22 October 2012

Natter night 22nd Oct.

Another quite busy night with six visitors and one who wanted to come,but coudn't because he does not have his own private jet. Ingvar from Sweden who commented on my last post,{ check it out}he is Little trees from Sweden  in my links, {check his blog as well}.I started the night by doing a little more wiring on Ken's Chinese Juniper from last week, there was not very much to do but Ken was very pleased with what he saw when he arrived.

The photo is not the best but the tree is much thinner and shows more refinement than before.

Then when everyone was there Shrek {ie Simon}decided to shorten his Cotoneaster he collected last week.
This is what it was like then.

And now four views from tonight.

Now it is time that will tell what happen's and how it respond's next year.
still a lot of potential.
I find the time seem's to go very fast on Monday night for some reason,could be as I enjoy it so much.

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