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Monday, 29 October 2012

Natter night 29th Oct

Even though I had six visitors tonight no-one brought any trees to work on,just as well I had already started on one of my own.A Larch which I have had for just over a year, it was clipped back and had a bit of styling about this time last year, then de-wired in spring and left to grow over summer.It responded very well and had now dropped most of it's needles, so I decided to help and remove the rest before wiring again. 

This is how it was when I brought it in to the studio to start work.

After wiring and styling I also opened up the Shari on the trunk a little more,later next year I will do more refinement and carving to make it look natural.

This tree needs to grow and ramify quite a lot more but that will come in time.
All in all not a bad night's work and I actually worked on one of my tree's.

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