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Monday, 8 October 2012

Natter Night 8th Oct.

I have had another Bonsai day, my fourth in a row. It started this afternoon with a Larch that Simon Mc left with me a while back. I was going to wait until the needles dropped but decided to do it today.

This is it this afternoon before I started,brilliant sunshine for a change.

Amazing what you can do with a bit of wire.
Then tonight Tony W arrived with a variegated Cotoneaster he had wired ready for tweaking.

Just a small tree about Shohin size.

In spring we will pot this tree into a training pot then clip and grow for the next year or so.
Lastly tonight I took this photo of my Literati Juniper in the dark without a flash to capture the shadow on the fence behind it.
I will try anything once.
Well that's all for now, thanks for looking in!

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