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Saturday, 17 November 2012

1st since Monday.

I have had a busy week this week ,hence no posts, but here we go again. I have been in the garden having a look at the way the tree's are going and I am quite pleased to see them doing well.First off my False Cypress is looking nice and the moss is doing very well as these three photos show.

The base from the front, I love the nebari from this side.

The back view, it's hard to believe this moss was only added for the BTA show at Sheffield about six week's ago,it has really took hold and look's very natural.

Next my Literati Juniper has changed colour, now in it's winter plumage.
Compare these two photos.

This photo taken a couple of months ago.

This one about 1 hour ago, note the change in colour.
This is my small Juniper, it has gone a very similar colour.

My Kiyohime Maple almost bare shows it's ramification.

Well I am back into the swing again and will try to post more often. 

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