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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Monthly workshop Willowbog, November.

It all started with a frosty welcome, not from Peter & Jean, but from the weather.

The pond was frozen over.

Peter's transport, a sort of glazed look.
The welcome from the owner's was as warm as ever.

I am not sure which look Peter is aiming for, BUT!!
Now down to work.

The students assemble.

Then one late comer arrived with this False Cypress Boulevard,and naturally I could not resist working on it as this is one of my favourite trees.

Sam just at the start of cleaning out the die back from the inside.

In between taking photos I was removing unwanted branches and thinning out some of the foliage to allow light to reach the inside and promote some back budding.

This is after clipping and thinning, you can now see daylight through it.
As the tree was collected from a garden and put in a rather large container we also put it into this training pot and secured it in.
We did not actually do any styling but already it look's like it will become a nice tree.

Not sure what these two were doing but it shows the size of the tree.

Today's Tokanoma, yes it is my Literati Juniper,I hope Peter will look after it as I forgot to bring it home with me.I will be back there next Saturday anyway as it will be Bonsai chat day again,great two week's in a row. 

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