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Monday, 19 November 2012

Natter night 19th Nov

I had a busy week last week putting down boarding in the loft, to make room for more storage. I forgot to clean up the studio until this afternoon, then remembered as soon as I went in there to fill the water bottles for the tea and coffee.this is what greeted me on entering!!!

The floor covered is sawdust, offcuts ,plastic and paper.

The benches just the same.

So I had to have a good clean up before anything else.
I then thought what can I do tonight and spied this Larch belonging to Simon Mc L. Now it has dropped it's foliage it was ready for it's second styling.

This is it before I started wiring and clipping.

After clipping and a change of potting angle, it's amazing the difference it makes.

After tweaking the branches the tree is much more compact and well on it's way to becoming quite a nice image.

A close up of the crown.The stump needs to be removed in the future, to allow for a better sweep up into the top.

Next a Buxus brought by Tommy G and Sasha.

It only needed a little clip.

But ended up getting a lot more, every tree has to start somewhere !!

Just six visitors tonight but a very enjoyable night all the same!!

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