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Monday, 12 November 2012

Natter night Nov 12th.

Plenty visitors tonight, nine in total still no trees until Ken M arrived and brought a Shohin Juniper for some work on the twisted Shari.This was not an easy task on such a small tree, no room for power tools.But what we did manage to do looked a lot better.I set Ken the task of cleaning up with some sand paper in the smaller areas, after all it is his tree.

This is how the tree was a couple of months ago and shows how narrow the Shari was.

This is after working,the large area near the base was where a branch had been removed has been refined and looks much more natural.

The overall effect is much better now.

Then I found this guy from Poland taking photos of my trees, {see Mr Snart I get visitors from a long way off too }

I am not sure what Boxie found in his coffee!!!!

Could this be a Dragon tree?

Once again a very enjoyable night,but over to soon.

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