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Monday, 26 November 2012

Natter night Nov 26th.

Another miserable wet night so I was surprised when Five visitors turned up, I was at the time putting wire on a Hemlock belonging to Simon M, which he left with me a while back to look after. I warned him that when I had nothing to do I would probably wire and style them, but he was pleased about it.

This was it before I started tonight, as the photo shows the tree has been wired before, but has grown a lot since then and had the wire removed a couple of months ago.

The trunk looks a little on the thin side but that could be due to the pot being to large for the tree. In a smaller  I think oval pot it will look much better.

I managed to get myself into a photo to night just to show the size of the tree.
The general thoughts to night were it looked quite good when finished.
Comments please!!!!

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