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Monday, 5 November 2012

Natter Night Nov 5th.

Only three visitors tonight which allowed me to do some work on my own trees again,I started on my Trident Maple which I was going to do at chat day on Saturday but it was so wet I decided not to put it in Mikes car and make a mess and left it at home.Never mind it gave me something to do this evening, wiring and clipping, all it needs now is Spring to start growing again.That could be a long way off.

Trident before work.

Back on the bench after.

Next for some work was a Larch, having dropped it's needles was ready for wiring.

Before any work was done.

About half way through, I ran out of time, but as this photo shows the right hand side looks much better.
I will finish off tomorrow and post another photo then.

Another natter night comes to a close.

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