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Monday, 10 December 2012

Natter night 10th Dec.

Only five visitors but a very enjoyable night with two trees arriving, both of them Larches. Tony W brought his cascade and Ken M his twin trunk.First off the cascade which Tony wanted some tips on clipping unwanted growth.

Probably not a lot of change showing in these pics but there was quite a bit removed, now it needs to be wired again and tweaked.

Now Kens twin trunk

Having been left to grow for the season it required wiring and styling again, we got most of it done except the apex. A lot to do in a couple of hours.I may try to finish it if I get the time this week, if not we can do it next Monday.Finished photo will be posted when we do.

Especially when you sit drinking tea most of the time.
Just joking ,Ken did do a lot.

The young poser John !!!

Oh well another night fly's by, I do not know where the time goes but it sure does.

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