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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Update on new Yew.

My new Yew has had a bit of work done on it, I decided after cleaning the compost around the base and finding it was very wet and soggy to repot into a more free draining mix of Akadama & Kyodama.I found to my cost that Yew do not like to have very wet roots in winter, hence the reason for the repot.I have the facility to keep it free from frost, so I am not too bothered about doing it at this time of year.The root system on it is quite substantial so I did not have to remove any to get it into it's new pot.All I took off was a couple of big knuckles on the bottom, to allow it to go lower down in the pot.

This was the tree as I got it last weekend.

This is the tree now,I know you should not repot, carve and style at the same time, but after seeing the root system I am not to worried about doing this.{ Famous last words }

A close up of the dead wood.

All I have to do now is keep it free from the cold and wet weather and give it some tender loving care.


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