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Monday, 14 January 2013

Natter night 14th Jan.

A very quiet night, no trees and only five visitors, even Ken M was missing probably due to the icy weather.we hope so anyhow.Mike R went for a walk last Friday and called in on his way back home with a twig he pulled off a Hawthorn in the local park, see pic.

This tree does this every year about this time,nature is amazing sometimes.

Next we have John proving he can write,making his order out for the next time I go to Willowbog.

With writing like his he should have been a doctor!!

This Hawthorn which has just been in my shade house is also showing signs of budding.

Then this Australian guy shows up to give us a demonstration on carving with his chainsaw.

Spring cannot come quick enough .
 Well that's all for tonight folk's thanks for looking in.

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