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Monday, 28 January 2013

Natter night 28th Jan.

Even though the weather was bad, { wet and windy } to say the least I still had eight visitors tonight, I think they all came to hear the stories about our weekend trip's to the Ryan Neil workshop's and demo at Willowbog Bonsai.The tales were endless from Mike and myself as this is one weekend I will never forget.
Ken M brought a nice Chinese Juniper to be worked on, so we got stuck in.

This is the tree we worked on, the twisted Shari was the first part as the wire had been left too long and had bitten right into the heartwood and left some nasty scar's which Ken did not like.After filling with some wood filler and a little sanding looked much better. Ken had also wired most of the tree so after being inspired by Ryan I set about tweaking into shape. We also decided to first of all Jin the hanging branch but it turned out to look no better, so it came off all together.

As the Jin had some weathered wood near the trunk it could not be moved so was removed.

A much improved line.

A very good night, now it's an early night for me so I can catch up on sleep.

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